Bylaws Part 4

VI.13. Duties of Appointed Positions 
VI.13.a. MEMBERSHIP CHAIR – The duty of the Membership Chair is to maintain the records of all the members and guests of the Society, which includes names, addresses, phone numbers, screen names, email addresses and contact preferences. The Membership Chair shall have general charge of guest records and procedures, membership drives, and all correspondence soliciting for new or renewal memberships. All membership and guest fees are collected and noted by the Membership Chair, and the fees given to the Treasurer. The Membership Chair shall give a report at the Board meeting of the number of members and guests in attendance at Society meetings, as well as any other news concerning the membership. The Membership Chair shall organize a way to supply the Communications Chair with address labels and email address lists in a timely manner. If the Membership Chair is unable to attend any Society meeting, the Membership Chair must inform the President and is responsible for finding a substitute membership representative. In the event that this position becomes vacant, the record keeping duties outlined herein will revert to the Secretary.
VI.13.b. MASNA DELEGATE – The main function of a MASNA Delegate is that of a liaison between the club and MASNA. Duties include receiving communications from MASNA and responding in a timely manner, reporting important MASNA news to the Webmaster and at Society meetings, and transmitting back to MASNA members’ ideas and opinions and contact information for the elected officers. The MASNA Delegate should attend the monthly MASNA Board meetings held on the Internet and the annual MACNA conference. A substitute representative to MACNA must be appointed if the Delegate cannot attend. The MASNA delegate will also be responsible for duties performed related to the MACNA event including, heading a MACNA subcommittee, MACNA expenditures, and maintaining the required confidentiality of the MACNA bid process.
VI.13.c. COMMUNICATIONS CHAIR- The Communications Chair will be responsible for the writing and/or collection of articles, news items, minutes, President’s letter and other information to be included in the online website and forum. The Communications Chair will work closely with the Board and the Webmaster to verify, authorize and post information on the Society website.
VI.13.d. WEBMASTER- The Webmaster will be responsible for creating and updating the Society website as authorized by the Board. The Webmaster will be responsible for informing the Board of due dates and payment amounts or other requirements so that the Society can be responsible for payment to the web host or programming consultants as required. The Webmaster is responsible for selecting and training one or more back-up webmasters who can assist the Webmaster and assume the Webmaster’s duties in the event that the Webmaster is unable to fulfill them.
VI.13.e. DONATION/SPONSORSHIP CHAIR- The Donation Chair will be responsible for periodic solicitation of donations to the Society from outside sources including companies, manufacturers, importers, local stores or individuals. The Donation Chair will establish relationships with goods and services providers to secure discounts or other benefits for Premium Members. The Donation Chair will acknowledge and inventory all donations and prepare a list for Board review. The Chair will select items and establish ticket prices for raffles at society meetings. The Donation Chair will monitor the sale of tickets, collection and documentation of proceeds and delivery of all proceeds to the society Treasurer for deposit. The Donation Chair will also coordinate fundraising events for the Society. The donation chair will maintain a list of sponsors, their donations and sponsorship fees including dates of sponsorship. A written report will be presented at each quarterly meeting detailing sponsor relationships. The Donation Chair can delegate sponsor contacts to other board members.
VI.13.f. EVENTS COORDINATOR- The Events Coordinator will assist the Board in planning Society meetings; including but not limited to: location arrangements, logistics, transportation, scheduling, and guest speaker needs.
VI.13.g. Other positions and duties may be established as deemed necessary by the Board. A person may jointly hold two committee positions or a committee and a board position. Not all committees must be staffed at any one time. These Chair positions may be designated on a per event basis, depending on the activities of the Society.
VI.13.h. Each committee shall keep minutes of its proceedings and report such proceedings periodically to the Board.

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